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Rust Corduroy Ash Jeans Review

I made myself a pretty pair of rust stretchy corduroy jeans with the Ash Jeans sewing pattern.

I’ve been wanting to making my own jeans for at least a year. I’m not afraid of making jeans because I’ve made some other difficult garments, I was just never in a place where I could commit ten hours to one project. I was also not in dire need of jeans like I was in need for other things.

Well, over winter break when our schedule was a little more relaxed I was able to sew up a pair of gorgeous rust corduroy jeans with the Ash Jeans sewing pattern by Megan Nielsen.

I decided at the beginning of December to make a colored pair of corduroy pants. I really wanted a pair of stretch corduroy pants, and I chose rust. I bought the fabric and was planning on making the Liana stretch jeans sewing pattern since I had already made it and had it printed out from PDF Plotting.

I went to a sewing night and brought all the supplies I needed. Once I got there I realized I grabbed the wrong pattern! Luckily, Tami from Sew Sophielynn let me trace her Ash jeans pattern that night so I was still able to cut out the fabric. Then Indiesew shared a comparison of the Liana stretch jeans and the Ash jeans, and I think I am more similar to Megan Nielsen’s block so it’s easier for me to start with.

I got busy and wasn’t able to work on them until winter break. As I was working on it the Fancy Pants challenge was announced, and I felt like these rust corduroy pants were about as fancy as I would ever get. (Later I made the fancy striped corduroy Flint pants.) I also decided to add removable suspender straps for just a little more fancy.


I bought the rust corduroy stretch fabric from Joann fabrics*. I considered ordering online, but I really like seeing a color in person. It’s a lighter weight stretch corduroy with 97% cotton and 3% spandex. Here are some tips for sewing denim fabric which works for corduroy too.

It was easy to work with, and I love how accessible Joann fabrics is for me. I wanted to go in the store and touch it and see all the different colors. The fabric worked well with the pattern. My only issue is that it’s so lightweight that wrinkles are created when I’m wearing that have to do with the fabric and not the fit.

Ash Jeans Review and My Pattern Alterations

I have the PDF version of the Ash jeans pattern so that I can print it of whenever I want. This version is the longest length and the straight leg because I need a lot of room around my calf muscle. I did not make any alterations to the waist or crotch which is great for me. I shortened the back thigh 1/2″ and took the sides of the legs from mid-thigh down to just above the calf. I have small thighs and extra large calves. I also took the center back waist in just a little bit.

I added some cool topstitching to the back pockets. It’s so fun to be able to choose my own look! I also did a regular double fold hem.

I interfaced the waistband for stability even though the pattern didn’t recommend it. I didn’t interface the zipper fly, but I wish I did because the fly doesn’t stay closed. I also miss the pocket stay that the Liana stretch jeans have. I couldn’t find a red zipper jeans so I bought a tan one and colored red with a fabric marker.

alterations for next time

I’m going to do the skinny version, but I’m going to do a full calf adjustment. I’m also going to interface the waistband and the zipper fly. I might even add the front pocket stay for more stability. I need to shorten the crotch by 1/2-1 inch and lengthen the legs by 1 inch.

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The Ash jeans look great on you! I made a pair from an eggplant colored stretch denim—have 2 more to cut out. They are the first pants to fit without major tweaking!