Printing by Hand Book Review

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When I first started sewing for kids I remember when a friend began printing fabric, and I was floored. I loved the look, and the way you could lovingly make a solid fabric into a showstopper fabric.

I was on a tight budget at the time and couldn’t afford most printed fabric, and I really loved the organic look of stamped fabric. Each stamp is slightly different than the last which makes it look almost worn out or very vintage. I love that look.  

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Printing by Hand Book Review
When I was first learning about printing fabric I asked for the Printing by Hand: A Modern Guide to Printing with Handmade Stamps, Stencils, and Silk Screens* book by Lena Corwin for Christmas. (I have received most of my sewing library books for Christmas or they are kept from my college classes.)

I wanted to learn all that I could. I had mostly been making and using foam stamps so that is what I read about first. She recommends mounting your foam stamps on acrylic which I’ve never chosen to afford, but I love the idea of being able to see through the stamp to choose the placement.

Printing by Hand Book Review

Printing by Hand* teaches you about foam stamps, stencils, and silk screens so you definitely find the way of printing that you like the best. I still love foam stamps since I can print a lot without a lot of work and I can use the stamps over and over again. I’ve tried stencils and didn’t have much luck.

Sadly, I have not tried silk screening, but I need to! There’s lots of creative ideas for finished fabric items, and lots of creative ideas for fabric that you can then sew into anything you want.

Printing by Hand Book Review

I would recommend this book Printing by Hand* for anyone wanting to learn about the art of printmaking. It’s geared for beginners, but I think anyone could learn something from this in-depth book. The pictures are so pretty and inspiring. I really love all the nature inspired prints. 

I do have some of my own fabric designs and a lot of them originated from a hand cut foam stamp that I stamped, digitized, and created a print. I really love creating fabric prints and need to put more effort into that. (When I get an extra hour every day!)

Printing by Hand Book Review

The cool thing about this book is that there’s a bunch of free image patterns that comes in the back of the book. All of the images used for hand printing in the book’s examples are included, so you can make anything that inspires you from the book. It’s a great book!

I’m really interested in getting the Block Print: Everything you need to know for printing with lino blocks, rubber blocks, foam sheets, and stamp sets* book by Andrea Lauren next.

Printing by Hand Book Review

I’ve also reviewed Fabric A to Z and Patternmaking for Fashion Design. If you love reading novels, here’s a big list of fiction books about sewing and sewing books for beginners!

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