How to Make Woven Joggers with a Tie Hem

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Last month I saw some woven joggers with an ankle tie hem. I knew immediately that I wanted to make some for summer if I could find the right fabric.

I used to only wear shorts in the summer, but last summer I was recently postpartum and couldn’t fit into very many clothes. I tried wearing dresses and breathable pants. I actually really enjoyed wearing something other than shorts, and this summer I’m working on expanding my summer wardrobe to be more than shorts. It all starts with these woven joggers.How to Make Woven Joggers with a Tie Hem //


This is how the woven joggers look from all angles. They are semi-fitted all the way down.

My alterations to the pattern were to add 1″ to the back waist. I deepened the front pockets and sewed them to the front of the woven joggers. I also added a couple of inches to the legs.

After sewing them I needed a little more room in the calves so I let both side seams out at the calves. I eliminated the cuff and did the tie and facing instead to finish the edges.

I made a size 2 if I remember correctly. It’s one of my tried and true patterns so I perfected it at least a year ago.

How to Make Woven Joggers with a Tie Hem //

I used a stretch woven that I found at a nearby shop for $3 a yard. I got two yards so these woven joggers cost me under $10, especially since I already had the pattern, matching thread, elastic, and I can whip this pattern up so quickly.

I don’t know exactly what the content of this fabric is, but I’m sure there’s some polyester since it doesn’t press nicely. It washes nicely and has a nice stretch, so I’m guessing it’s some sort of suiting. It actually drapes really well for a opaque, stretch woven.How to Make Woven Joggers with a Tie Hem //

The woven joggers are comfortable with the stretch and not too hot even though there’s some synthetic in them. I’ve worn these woven joggers twice already, and I love them. I even wore them to a museum with my kids which was half outdoors in the sun, and I didn’t get too hot! 

I love a good inspiration and a quick sew to add to my handmade wardrobe! The only trouble I had was with the slit and the facing. I should’ve looked up a tutorial before diving in, but in the end it worked out okay.

How to Make Woven Joggers with a Tie Hem //


I used the Hudson Pants pattern and just altered the hem. (Learn how to make denim joggers.)

I added two ties near the side seam and then created a front and back hem facing. It got tricky while I was putting it together because I needed a slit above the ties.

I really don’t even know how I got it done in the end, but here’s a simple drawing of what you need to do to add ties to your own woven joggers with tie hems. My ties were about 5″ long and then I added seam allowance to the ties. The hem already has seam allowance from the original pattern.

How to Make Woven Joggers with a Tie Hem //

Sewing Instructions

  1. Construct the woven joggers as directed by the pattern but leave off the cuff.
  2. Sew the side seams of the facings together to form two circle hem facings.
  3. Sew the facings to the hem of the woven joggers matching the sides seams and the ties with a 1/4″ seam allowance.
  4. Trim, notch, and clip the seam allowances.
  5. Finish the top edge of the hem facing.
  6. Flip the facing up inside the woven joggers and press well. Make sure to roll the seams so they are flat and flush.
  7. Sew 1′ up around the hem to secure the hem facing stays up inside the woven joggers.
  8. Tie the hem as tight as you like.

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These look fantastic! I love your addition of the slit hem . . .fun and summery:) I've only made this pattern thus far with knit fabric and am eager to try it in a woven soon!