DIY Diagonal Ruffle Tee

After doing Me Made May and figuring out the holes in my wardrobe, so I’m dedicating the month of June to sewing those items I need in my wardrobe and altering any items I won’t wear unless I alter them. First, I made some basic tees with fun details to wear all summer long. I love the flared ruffle look and saw one somewhere online that I decided to copy. It’s a very easy pattern hack, but you get a really interesting and fun ruffle tee.

Me Made: Diagonal Ruffle Front Tee DIY

I used some white mystery knit fabric that my sister sent me. She made a cardigan out of it a couple of years ago and just sent me the remnant which was the perfect amount to make this tee. This fabric is white with white stripes. It doesn’t have a lot of stretch or recovery so I couldn’t make anything very fitted. This jersey knit stripe fabric* seems the closest to what I have. If you are sewing stripes this is how to match stripes.

Me Made: Diagonal Ruffle Front Tee DIY

I used the Union St Tee pattern* since that’s my tried and true basic tee pattern but these alterations will work with any tee pattern. Here’s some tips for sewing knit fabric.

  • Trace the front piece so that it’s open and not on the fold.
  • Then draw a straight line from one side waist to the opposite arm hole.
  • Cut it and then add seam allowance.
  • Cut out the front pieces from the fabric.
  • Measure the length of the line you just cut. Find a bowl or plate with similar measurements and trace a circle on your fabric. (Mine was slightly longer so I used the extra in my sleeve seam.)
  • Measure out 4″ all the way around that circle to make a larger circle. Cut out the ruffle and cut through the circle to make one long strip.
Me Made: Diagonal Ruffle Front Tee DIY
  • Sew the ruffle in between the two front pieces and trim off any excess.
  • Us the excess in the sleeve seam to add one more ruffle.
  • Construct the tee the way the pattern instructs.
I made a size small since my fabric didn’t have a lot of stretch or recover. It’s a semi-fitted ruffle tee, but it’ll be very comfortable for summer since it isn’t too tight and it’s white.
Me Made: Diagonal Ruffle Front Tee DIY

It’s a very basic tee, but I really love it and the simple details. It’s going to great for hot summer days. I will feel comfortable and it’s easy to wear, but I’ll look like I got dressed in the morning! #momwin

Learn how to sew a neckband.

Me Made: Diagonal Ruffle Front Tee DIY
glasses*, purse*, sandals*, shorts
I met up with Rachel from Little Fish to visit a home decor fabric store that had some apparel fabric in the back. The store had this amazing animal print fabric on the bathroom wall so we had to get a picture. Isn’t it fun? And I’m having a meet up at this store and then a nearby park in a couple of weeks. Comment if you’re interested, and I’ll send you the info!
Me Made: Diagonal Ruffle Front Tee DIY

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Such a cute shirt. You look so put together. And your makeup is amazing in these pictures.
That meet up sure sounds like fun!

So cute! Great job!!

I love it! What a great hack.