Pink Tencel Kelly Anorak Vest

I’ll admit it; I’m ready for fall, cooler weather, and layers. I usually don’t get the itch until September, but it’s been extra hot and busy. I’ve just been craving my favorite season: Autumn. I love the crisp air, holidays, layers, pants, boots, etc. Even though I still have summer makes I want to do, I put this Kelly Anorak vest at the top of the list.

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Me Made: Pink Tencel Kelly Anorak Vest

Actually, I thought this would be a really great summer vest, but I’m in no mood for extra layers so it’s more of a late summer vest. I hope to wear it through the Fall, Winter, and Spring. (I am wearing a fall outfit for this photoshoot, but I was sweating like crazy!)

Me Made: Pink Tencel Kelly Anorak Vest

You had already seen this pink tencel fabric* before. I got it from APC fabrics for my Flint pants. I ordered the 3 yards as suggested, but I always conserve fabric when I cut something out because that’s how I roll. I didn’t have a big chunk of fabric to work with, but I had about two yards of pieces and remnants that I carefully puzzled out this Kelly Anorak vest. I didn’t just lay out the fabric and cut everything out. I cut and moved, and cut and moved, and cut and moved lots of times, but it was totally worth it! This fabric has beautiful drape and a really soft hand. It’s is the perfect color for my wardrobe; I wear a lot of blues so this pink pairs very nicely. I have loved working with this fabric, and I’m really sad that it’s gone. I’m so proud that I got two full garments out of three yards of fabric!

Me Made: Pink Tencel Kelly Anorak Vest

I used the Kelly Anorak for this vest. I had already used it before so it was cut out and ready. I thought about buying a new pattern just for the vest, but I prefer to use what I have if I can. I knew the bodice and collar of the pattern was perfect, I would just need to alter the armholes to get a vest look. I used the collar instead of hood this time too.
My pattern alterations from the first time I used this were to add an 1″ at the waist and an 1″ above the bust.
My additional pattern alterations were to omit the zipper, I didn’t want to buy or try to find a matching zipper. I also wanted the front to drape nicely and I think a would’ve stiffened the placket. I left all the front pieces so it looks a little like it’s missing something, but I didn’t want to try to figure out how to omit a zipper and combine the flap and facing and have it overlap. Learn how to fix a zipper if the pull came off.
When I sewed up the placket one turned out shorter. I’m not sure what I did wrong, but luckily it was the first placket. I made all the facings and plackets the same length, but it’s probably 1″ shorter than the pattern is drafted. I like the slightly shorter length for a vest though and was planning on doing it anyway.
I made a fabric drawstring so it matches, and so I didn’t have to buy a matching drawstring. I did buy pearl snaps* which give the perfect touch of dressy and casual. I love how they pair with the Kelly Anorak vest. Learn how to install snaps.

Me Made: Pink Tencel Kelly Anorak Vest

I sewed up the entire Kelly Anorak vest and finished everything before deciding on the armholes. I was able to see everything to determine where I wanted the line. I decided to leave the bottom of the armhole the same but taper in and take 5/8″ off the rest of the armhole. Then I sewed on bias binding, one that folds inside with stitching on the outside, to finish the armholes. I sewed the binding at 1/2″ seam allowance which took the armhole in a little bit more.

Me Made: Pink Tencel Kelly Anorak Vest
I really love the guts of the Kelly Anorak vest. There’s no serging or exposed seams. It’s really pretty. This was really important to me since a vest flaps open and you always see the inside of a vest. I added my little tag, Feathers Flights Handmade, into the collar. I got them from Dutch Label Shop. I also had to piece the collar facing together since I didn’t have a large enough piece of fabric.
Me Made: Pink Tencel Kelly Anorak Vest

I used a mix of the tencel and some basic lightweight woven cotton for the interfacing. I had to be really strategic with my fabric to piece out some interfacing. I really wanted to use the tencel as interfacing because I didn’t want to lose the pretty drape of the fabric. Here’s how to sew-in interfacing.

Me Made: Pink Tencel Kelly Anorak Vest

I really love this vest, eaking out a vest out of fabric remnants, and using the Kelly Anorak wasn’t as mind-consuming as the first time. The pattern is really good with really good instructions, but it’s just a consuming project. You can’t go on autopilot while sewing the seams because you have to focus on every step. It’s a very rewarding and satisfying sew though because you feel so accomplished when your finished! I was really happy with this pattern purchase, and I can see myself using it again and again! The utility jacket is very much my style.


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