Pink Tencel Flint Pants

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Me Made: DIY Pink Tencel Flint Pants // Sew

I remember ten years ago when basically the only pants anyone ever wore were boot cut or fitted flare jeans. It slowly starting switching over to skinny jeans. I remember thinking as a teenager that skinny jeans were the worst. I was never going to wear them, and they were unflattering on everyone. Then everyone started wearing them. I started wearing them. And I loved them.
Well, I think the next trend is wide leg pants. At first I thought, wide leg pants are the worst. I’m never going to wear them, and they are unflattering on everyone. When I realized my thought process was very similar to ten years ago, I decided to embrace this new trend, starting with Flint Pants. (I’m not going to stop wearing skinny jeans, I love them and will keep wearing them. I really hope they never go out of style).

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Me Made: DIY Pink Tencel Flint Pants // Sew

When I saw Allie’s terra cotta tencel Flint Pants on her instagram, and I immediately had to make some of my own. I loved the warm color of her pants. Well, I decided that a pale pink would fit in my wardrobe perfectly so I set out to look for pink tencel. I searched over ten online shops looking for pink tencel and only found blue, black, and gray. Those are great colors, but I knew I wouldn’t wear the pants if they were a similar color to my denim jeans and shorts. After searching for awhile I finally found this pink gabardine twill tencel fabric*. It was beautiful and perfect, and it shipped really quickly. The shop also has 17 other colors. I contacted the shop, and they have awesome customer service. My fabric arrived quickly, and I like the twill texture because it makes the fabric a touch dressier. If you want to try tencel and you want other colors, then this is the place to go. The fabric moves so beautifully that I had to make a movie to show you how amazing this fabric is.

I used the Flint Pants and Shorts pattern by Megan Nielsen. I am definitely a fan girl of Megan Nielsen. It started when I won a bunch of her maternity sewing patterns in a giveaway almost four years ago. Then I got to test some of her girl sewing patterns and loved those. Now I’m going to slowly work my way through all of her women sewing patterns starting with these pants.

I made version one with the buttons in size XS. I fit in the XS well with my waist being slightly bigger so I planned on opening the tucks if I needed. I added 1/2″ to the high hip and 1/2″ to the mid thigh to accommodate for my height. It was the perfect amount of length added. I also did end up letting out the tucks slightly and taking a smaller seam allowance on the edges of the waistband. It’s still a little snug, but it’s a really good fit.

I chose the buttons since I thought the closure would be easier for me to undo. It’s good to know how to stitch in the ditch for a smooth and flat waistband. Learn how to sew a button on to pants.

(Sometimes All the times I only get short bathroom breaks because someone always needs me.) At first I made some matching pink tencel buttons to add the the waistband. I sewed them on and worried about it looking too “old lady”. I washed them and dried them, and the removed the buttons and added these pretty shell buttons. It changed the whole look, and I’m so glad I changed the buttons.

Me Made: DIY Pink Tencel Flint Pants // Sew

You can see the waist is pretty tight in the picture, but since everything else is so loose and comfortable it doesn’t bother me. I really want to wear them on a really hot day since it basically feels like I’m wearing nothing. It’s like wearing clouds.

Me Made: DIY Pink Tencel Flint Pants // Sew
 I love how roomy and deep the pockets are. They are perfect. And I love, love, love the construction of the Flint Pants. There’s no zipper or front fly, so they are so quick and easy to sew together. But they look so nice! I’m very impressed with this pattern. As always with everything that Megan Nielsen does, the instructions are easy to understand and carefully take you through every step. I had no trouble understanding or executing the instructions.
My favorite thing about these pants, it makes my backside look amazing. These pants are equivalent to the half circle skirt. The way they drape is just so flattering. Now I need to go on a date night to wear my fantastic new pink Flint Pants!
Me Made: DIY Pink Tencel Flint Pants // Sew
bamboo rayon* tee, sandals*
Me Made: DIY Pink Tencel Flint Pants // Sew

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Wow! I've looked so much at this pattern but hadn't got beyond that point. They look awesome made up! (so do the tie hem joggers too)
Thanks for adding to the #wardrobebuilder….These definitely need to be sent in to Sew Now!

I didn't like wide legs years ago and I still don't. I think all shapes and sizes look better in skinny legs. Love that color, however, and the buttons are great!

These look great!! Those shell buttons are perfect. I Love reading pants reviews from other tall people–I just got this pattern in he mail and immediately bought, "How much to add to the rise…..?" Haha, thanks for posting!

Good lord I make a lot of typos when I comment from my phone.

Love these so much!!!

Normally I would say, "how silly is it to include a video of someone walking in pants", the video made me feel like I need these RIGHT NOW. Love it.

These look lovely on you! I bet they feel amazing! Love the newer buttons!

I love the color of those pants.
I actually bought a pair of jean gauchos and just couldn't wear them, I felt so silly! They felt like pants that were 3-5 inches too short. This whole wide leg trend is one I'm going to have a hard time with. 🙂 I love how it looks on other people, but just not myself.
Your pants are going to be a fabulous staple in your closet, and I can totally see how they would be so nice in our hot summers!