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DIY Women’s Winter Pajamas

I decided to use some of my tried and true patterns to make myself some winter pajamas. I’ve never made myself a pajama set and actually haven’t had a legit pajama set since before I was married.


I’ve finally gotten to the place in my handmade wardrobe that I could focus on the extras since I have a pretty good base. I still want to sew all.the.things. but I’m not desperate for basics. These pajamas are made out of knit fabric and these tips are great for sewing knits.

One of my tried and true pants are the hudson pants by True Bias. I’ve made the hudson pants over ten times. I love how easy to sew and how comfortable they are to wear. I have one pattern altered for wovens and a separate pattern altered for knits so that I can just pull it out when I want to sew a quick project.


I made a size two with length added to the legs. I used this Christmas fabric from Raspberry Creek Fabrics. It’s a printed French Terry. I used a gray French Terry* from my stash for the bands and cuffs. (learn how to sew french terry fabric.)

The top is the Linden sweatshirt by Grainline Studio. I’ve only made it four times (sweater) so it’s just barely a tried and true pattern. The first one I made was a little big so I reduced the width for the my next.

I love how fast it is since it’s raglan sleeves and it has no hems. I can whip one of these up so fast. I also used the Christmas fabric from Raspberry Creek Fabrics and gray French Terry* from my stash.


For these pajamas I used the same patterns. I used a floral liverpool* (similar) that I got as a remnant from a manufacturer. The purple French Terry is the only knit fabric I had that even remotely matched so it’s not a pairing I would usually pick but it works for pajamas.


I actually made these pants last year, but I’ve been wearing them as pajamas ever since. I just needed to make a matching top to make it a set.

I think it’s fascinating how different these pajamas came out even though I used the exact same patterns. The type of fabric really makes a big difference. The floral pajamas are much more fitted than the Christmas print pajamas.


The Christmas fabric and gray French Terry really relaxed after washing. They are both really comfortable and work as pajamas. I just know that different fabrics will give you different looks.

I love making Christmas Pajamas! Look at these over the years:

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