Liberty London Fringe Dress Pattern

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If I were a dress, then this is the dress I would be. I love a dress with a simple silhouette but a dress that unique details paired with great fabric. I made the Fringe Dress pattern with Liberty London fabric, and it’s everything I want in a dress.

If you are here because you want a fringe dress, you can learn how to sew a fringe dress.

This dress has been a long time coming since I’ve been planning it for more than six months. I haven’t explored my style in dresses as much as I have in casual clothing, so I feel like I’m still learning about what I like. I am happy with this dress and feel like it’s a successful make.

I bought the Fringe Dress pattern last Fall when Gabriela from Chalk and Notch was doing a charity sale for the fires in California. I had fallen in love with the dress pattern, but I don’t usually buy a pattern until right before I use it which saves me money in the long run. Then I let it sit because I couldn’t decide on the right fabric.

Last November I accompanied my husband on a work trip to LA, and I was able to get this fabric from The Fabric Store. I don’t think I originally bought it for this pattern, but once I had it home, I knew it was the perfect match.

But then it took me until last week to actually make the dress! I’ve been trying really hard to use and make what I have and to follow through with my sewing plans.

I asked some of my friends who had made this dress before I altered and cut the pattern. After listening to their advice I lengthened the bodice by 1″. I lengthened the skirt by 3″ and dropped the side seam curved portion of the skirt by 1″. (Learn how to find a sewing group near you!)

My bust measurement put me in a size 0 and my waist measurement put me in a size 8. Knowing that this is a looser style and fit, I made a size 4. I have no complaints about the size 4. I think going up a size would have made it too large in the bust and going down a size would’ve made it tricky to get on and off.

Because of the dolman sleeves and straight bodice it would’ve been tricky to grade sizes in the bodice. I do appreciate that the dress gives me a waist because the dress is wider across the shoulders and the skirt is full.

My only regret is not adding another 1″ to the bodice. I think it would’ve been a little more flattering if the waist hit me lower. I didn’t have any problems with the construction of the dress. It was a straightforward make. There are a lot of details and steps but it wasn’t particularly difficult.

I added a hem facing to give the hem weight. I had just enough fabric to do that, and I loved being able to use more of the fabric. I love the beautiful curved hem. I also added pennies to the side seam hems for weight and used these tips for sewing curves.

When I was looking at fabrics at The Fabric Store there was some Liberty London cotton Tana lawn on sale. I looked through everything and wasn’t too inspired by much of the Liberty. I’ve realized I’m not a big floral person so I’m not too drawn to Liberty. I kept looking until I found this subtle navy and blue print.

It looked like the fabric had been embroidered even though it was actually just a fabric print. I purchased it knowing that I would love it. This print was interesting because it’s almost like stripes.

I cut the bodice with the print going horizontal and the skirt with the print going vertical. The fabric was great to work with. It’s soft and smooth, and didn’t give me any problems.

I decided to add embroidery to the front neckline because the fabric originally looked like it was embroidered. I embroidered the neck facings and sewed it to the outside of the dress instead of the inside. It did take me awhile to embroider the facings because I’m slow, and I don’t really enjoy it.

I knew it would be worth it so I kept at it. I did appreciate that I could take it anywhere with me like outside to watch the kids play, but I don’t think I’m going to be doing a lot of embroidering anytime soon.

I’ve had these heart buttons for about 8 years. I won them in a giveaway years ago from Incomparable Buttons and thought I would save them to put on a little girl’s dress. I have always loved them and would look at them lovingly.

Then I realized that I wanted to use them for myself and that I could. What was stopping me from using them for myself? They are not overly childish, and I love the color.

I think they are perfect for this dress. There were 5 buttons to begin with so it really was perfect.

Do you want to know why this dress is me? It has a simple silhouette, it’s easy to wear, it’s comfortable, it’s blue and navy, it has embroidery, it has a button placket, it has pockets, it has curved hems, it has a subtle print, it has subtle stripes that change direction, and it has sleeve tabs. If you are sewing stripes this is how to match stripes.

All of those this are things that I love, but when it’s all put together in this dress I don’t think that it’s too much. It’s not overwhelming. It’s just perfect.

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