Pajama Pants Refashion Tutorial

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Learn how to do a pajama pants refashion tutorial to turn woven pajama pants into a pretty woven tee! Add embroidery for a nice touch!

When I was walking through the thrift store looking for items to refashion, this gingham fabric jumped out right away. I realized they were pajama pants and wondered if I could do anything with them. I almost left them as-is to wear them as pajama pants, but RTW pajama pants aren’t long enough for me.

I bought it deciding to refashion it and realized pants have a lot of fabric to work with. I thought it would be a fun challenge to make something from a pair of pajama pants. And I was able to make a shirt from it. I believed that I could do it, but I’m pretty amazed that I was able to actually do it.

I added some floral embroider iron-on patches* to give it a step up and make it look like it’s not from a pair of pajama pants. Let’s dive into the pajama pants refashion tutorial!

Pajama Pants Refashion Tutorial //

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How To Refashion Pajamas Pants into a Cute Shirt

Pajama Pants Refashion Tutorial


  • woven pajama pants
  • sewing tools
  • Iron-on floral embroidery*
  • Woven tee sewing pattern


Get your pair of pajama pants. These were a size small or medium, I can’t remember, and I was able to get a size small woven top from them.

Cut along the inseam to be able to open up the legs and the lay them flat.

How To Refashion Pajamas Pants into a Cute Shirt

Unpick the waistband and, if there are pockets, remove them. Sew the seams closed where there were pockets.

Cut the sleeves along the hem of the pants. Use the rest of the fabric to cut out the bodice. My bodice front and back have center seams from the side seams of the pants. I’ve done a tutorial for how to sew sleeves to get perfect sleeves every time.

How To Refashion Pajamas Pants into a Cute Shirt

Add embroidery and topstitching where you want. I added pink topstitching and embroidery all over the shirt to match the iron-on floral embroidery.

Construct the shirt as the pattern instructs.

Iron on the embroidery patches. I put one on each shoulder. I love the pop of pink next to the black and white.

How To Refashion Pajamas Pants into a Cute Shirt

Enjoy your beautiful new shirt! That you made from a pair of pajama pants! Would anyone ever believe that this shirt was pants first? Can you believe this is a pants refashion?

How To Refashion Pajamas Pants into a Cute Shirt

If you make something using this sewing project, I’d love to see! Please share it on social media with the hashtag #heatherhandmade and tag me!

How To Refashion Pajamas Pants into a Cute Shirt

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This is this is so cute and I loved all the details

Holy cow! Super cute. And what a fun way to reuse something. Especially when it has a pattern on the fabric that you like.