Harry Potter Quiet Book

I made a Harry Potter Quiet Book for my nephew for Christmas. This is what I’ve been working on all month. I put in lots of joyful hours into this book. I used mostly felt, my sewing machine, and lots of hand sewing.

I love Harry Potter so much I’ve even made a Harry Potter cheater quilt! I’ve also made my son a harry potter shirt with lightning buttons that I made with my Cricut Maker! My son loves Harry Potter so much I made him a Harry Potter costume for Halloween and a Gryffindor ornament for the Christmas tree!

Let’s read the book together.
Cover (Don’t turn me in for copying the letters. I’m not making any money from this.)

Harry Potter Quiet Book

First page: Is this Harry Potter?  Lift his bangs to see his scar.

Harry Potter Quiet Book

Second Page: Help Harry go through the wall. He slides along into the wall.

Harry Potter Quiet Book

Third Page: Can you hold the wand? The glove is for small hands.

Harry Potter Quiet Book

Fourth page: Help Hagrid with his coat. Buttoning and un-buttoning his coat.

Harry Potter Quiet Book

Fifth Page: Feel Dumbledore’s soft beard. I put fleece on his beard.

Harry Potter Quiet Book

Sixth Page: Count the people in the Weasley family.

Harry Potter Quiet Book

Seventh Page: Help the sorting hat. The sorting hat can go on each head.

Harry Potter Quiet Book

Eighth Page: You’ve got mail. Tie and untie the bow from the mail.

Harry Potter Quiet Book

Ninth Page: Catch the Snitch. Slide Harry to the snitch.

Harry Potter Quiet Book

Tenth Page: Where is Harry? Unzip the zipper. (He’s wearing the invisibility cloak.)

Harry Potter Quiet Book
Harry Potter Quiet Book

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SUCH amazing work and your ideas rock! SO wish I had someone to make this for. Oh wait, I do. ME!

Oh my dying of awesomeness!!!!!!!!!!!
GREAT job!!

This is the cutest thing I have ever seen…I want one, LOL! 😀

As a Harry Potter fan I just adore this! So many cute details! GREAT job!

This is awesome.

Seriously amazing!!!

I love this. What an amazing idea. Im your newest follower and look forward to future post.

That is so amazing! Fantastic job!

Okay, this is one of the coolest things I've ever seen! I'm bookmarking this and sending it to all of my fellow HP fanatics. Great work!

this is fantastic! so much work, but it was worth it. (:

So cool! If I had that in church I wouldn't be a good nursery kid cause I wouldn't share at all.

Absolutely Brilliant!

This is fantastic! I got to see it and it's more impressive in person. Great job!!!

So cute! Good work!

So, so cool!!! I bet your nephew LOVED it! Merry Christmas!

soooo cute.
i was thinking of doing a harry potter one for my sister in-law. prob is i never read/watched any of it…
this is really great

Wow! You are amazing!! Bravo! =D This is super awesome!

possibly the greatest idea in the history of quiet books 🙂

That is awesome!! Good job!

This is really cool! Great idea!