Handmade Christmas Pajamas 2019

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I love to make handmade Christmas pajamas every year, and open them on Christmas Eve. See all the pajamas in the Sew Family Jammies blog tour.

When I was having babies it was too much for me to make pajamas every Christmas, and I would just buy pajamas. Now my kids are a little bit older, and they appreciate when I sew for them. It’s so fun to make their handmade Christmas pajamas every year.

I was excited to join the Sew Family Jammies blog tour since it’s something I was already going to be sewing them. I make pajamas for my family that are opened Christmas Eve. They don’t have a Christmas theme so they can wear them all winter long, and I don’t have the pressure to use red or green fabric.

handmade christmas pajamas

I started by just making pajamas for my kids, and then expanding it a little bit every year. This year I made three pajama sets for my kids, one set for myself, and a pair of pajama pants for my husband. I ran out of time this year and wasn’t able to make a top for my husband, but my goal next year is to do it all!

diy christmas pajamas 2019

I decided to make my daughers matching pajamas since they’ll grow out of that soon. I used a free raglan sewing pattern* for both of the tops and added cuffs to the sleeves. For the bottoms I used the Mini Virginia leggings sewing pattern and added cuffs to the bottom.

I used some beautiful Riley Blake floral jersey knit (similar fabric*) that I bought discounted from a friend who didn’t want it anymore. I love the beautiful mix of colors. I know that my daughters only like pink, so I paired the floral with some pink striped jersey knit that I have had in my stash and have been slowly using for years.

girl handmade pajamas diy

For my son I used the free raglan sewing pattern* for the top. I added cuffs to the sleeves. For the pants I used the pants of the Alex and Anna pajamas* sewing pattern.

I used some winter inspired French terry fabric for the pants and sleeves. I had some leftover gray French terry fabric from my husband’s pants, and used it as contrast in these boy’s pajamas. My son loves matching his dad even if just a little bit.

boy handmade pajamas diy

For myself I used the Lane Raglan sewing pattern*. I made it a size bigger than my measurements, and I did the sleeve cuffs and the waist cuff. Then I used the Hudson pants sewing pattern for the pants. I’ve used this pattern so many times I could probably sew it in my sleep now.

I used olive wintery sweatshirt fabric for all of the main parts of the pajamas. I paired it with some heather gray interlock fabric that I’ve had in my stash for years, and I keep slowly using.

women handmade pajamas diy

For my husband I used the Men’s Hudson pants pattern. This is the second time I’ve made this pattern for my husband and he wears the first one all the time. I love making something that I know will get a lot of use!

I used some heathered gray French terry fabric that is strong and comfortable. It’s my favorite French terry to use for heavy use items like pants. I kept the pants all gray and added a black drawstring for a bit of contrast.

men handmade pajamas diy

Making handmade Christmas pajamas is such a fun project every year that my family looks forward to. It’s a great place to to start sewing clothing even if you are a beginner! Would you like to start? These tutorials can help you:

Here’s all the amazing people on the tour so you can go see the jammies they made!

I love making Christmas Pajamas! Look at these over the years:

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Love the family pj tradition. I also made 3 pairs for each of my kids this year. I used the Jalie Henri Joggers this year, since they all were insisting on having pockets! I love that I can use the fun, childish prints for my kids even though they are teenagers. I haven’t started including myself and my husband yet, though.