Learn how to get my free sewing patterns on my website behind the locked content box. I love creating and sharing sewing patterns with you.

I love creating and sharing free sewing patterns. I have worked hard and learned a lot so that I can make and share sewing patterns with you. I do my best to protect my patterns, so let me teach you how to get my free sewing patterns.

how to get my free sewing patterns

How to Get My Free Sewing Patterns

Watch the video or read the blog post to get all the important information.

Why I Love Free Sewing Patterns

I love free sewing patterns because it keeps the cost of sewing down for those starting and improving. It’s a great way to share my love of sewing with easy, beginner sewing projects.

When I started out sewing I was only using free patterns since I couldn’t afford much more than that on this hobby, and I want to keep the joy of sewing accessible in a small way.

how to get my free sewing patterns

Free Patterns vs $3 Patterns

Every free pattern is just the PDF version of the pattern that you tape together. It does not come with any instructions and you can use my website tutorial and (often) youtube video to create the project.

Sometimes I have also combined the free pattern with all of the instructions into a PDF, and I sell this version for $3-$5 depending on the project and how many sizes and styles are included.

You can choose either pattern to fit your needs best.

In the supplies heading of each tutorial, there will be information for how to get the free pattern (like get the free pattern at the end of the post behind the locked content box) OR buy the pattern with the cost amount.

How to Get Sewing Patterns from Heather Handmade

If you scroll down to the bottom of the post you will see a large heading that says “Get the Free Sewing Pattern here!” That heading is right above the link to the free sewing pattern. If you haven’t signed up in that locked box, you won’t be able to access the link.

Click “Sign up here!”

You will be shown a box with GROW at the top and you will see how to sign up or login to unlock the exclusive content.

Once you’ve signed up, the pop up will go away and the link will be right there to click on. If you click, it will take you right to the pattern in PDF format where you can download it or print it.


Grow is a free service that let’s you save and share your favorite content from your favorite websites. If you see a project you love, look for the blue circle with a white heart in the bottom right corner of a website. Click on it and Grow will save it in your favorites.

Go over to Grow and see all your favorites in one place. It’ll combine your favorites from all different websites in one place. You can click on them to be taken back to that tutorial or recipe.

If you make something using one of my free sewing patterns, I’d love to see! Please share it on social media with the hashtag #heatherhandmade and tag me!