Free Vegetable SVG Cut Files

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Make some punny t-shirts with these free vegetable SVG cut files. The sayings are great for kids or adults and can be easily customized.

Puns are just so great. My kids are at the age where they love hearing funny puns and coming up with as many as they can.

We’re starting to pick all our ripe garden vegetables and making up puns at the same time. These are our favorite vegetable puns made into free vegetable SVG cut files!

free vegetable svg cut files

Do you love SVGs and cuf files? Try some of these:

What is an SVG file?

An SVG file is a scalable vector graphics or an image format that can be scaled large or small without losing any details. It’s a great way for sharing images that can be used in cutting machines since the image will stay perfect even if the size is changed.

Can these designs be used on Cricut, Silhouette, and Brother?

SVG files are great and can be used with any cutting machine as long as the machine’s program can have files added to it.

What is Iron-On Vinyl or HTV?

Iron-on vinyl or heat transfer vinyl is vinyl that has glue or adhesive on the back that is activated when heated. When the iron-on vinyl is heated the glue causes the iron-on vinyl to be fused to the t-shirt. The iron-on vinyl sits on top of the fabric.

The color of the iron-on vinyl is the color it will be after being heated. The color does not change.

What is Infusible Ink?

Infusible ink is ink that is transferred by heat. It’s essentially sublimation, but it’s now accessible to hobby crafters. When infusible ink is transferred the ink is infused into the item.

Infusible ink can be purchased as an infusible ink transfer sheet and as infusible ink pens. The colors of the infusible ink transfer sheet look pale before being heated, but they are very bright once heated and transferred.

free vegetable svg cut files

Free Vegetable SVGs

I’m so excited to share these free fruit SVGs, and I can’t wait to see what you make with these! All of these designs were cut out of Cricut Iron-on vinyl* with a Cricut Maker 3* and applied with an Easypress 3*.

Each vegetable SVG design has a pun phrase, the vegetable shape, and the vegetable face. The cheeks or the entire face can be left off if you want. I did not actually make all of these items, but I overlaid the design over t-shirts and tote bags to give you an idea of what it would look like.

Get the free vegetable SVG cut files at the end of the post behind the locked content box.

Free Asparagus Vegetable SVG

The asparagus SVG says “sassparagus” with an asparagus shape and a face. This one actually has a black outline to the design to be able to tell what the vegetable is.

free asparagus svg cut file

I used a medium green for the top of the asparagus, a light green for the stem, pink for the cheeks, and black for the face, outline, and the phrase.

free asparagus svg cut file

Free Beet Vegetable SVG

The beet SVG says “up-beet”. It has a beet shape with a face. The face makes me so happy and optimistic every time I see it.

free beet svg cut file

I used a light green for the leaves, a dark pink for the beet and stems, light pink for the cheeks, and black for the face and the phrase.

free beet svg cut file

Free Radish Vegetable SVG

The radish SVG says “radish-ing” with a radish shape and face. The radish is two color like a real radish, but I didn’t create the fading and instead did a colorblock look.

free radish svg cut file

I used an off-white for the bottom of the radish, dark pink for the top of the radish, pink for the cheeks, medium green for the leaves, and black for the face and the phrase.

free radish svg cut file

Free Carrot Vegetable SVG

The carrot SVG says “edgy veggie” with a carrot shape and a face wearing sunglasses. I love this funny carrot and the masculine look. Since I showed this design over two dark t-shirts, I chose to do white sunglasses, but they can be any color.

free carrot svg cut file

I used a medium green for the stem and the leaves, an orange for the carrot, white for the sunglasses, gray for the lens, and black for the face and the phrase.

free carrot svg cut file

Get the Free SVG Cut File Below!

If you make something using this free SVG file, I’d love to see! Please share it on social media with the hashtag #heatherhandmade and tag me!

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