Free Printable: Confidence is Best

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My sister, Sarah (she has a lettering blog, Ensign Insights), is really sweet. A couple of years ago she had to make a movie for a college class and recorded me talking about sewing and upcycling.

I don’t really remember much about the recording, but she hand lettered and digitized one of my quotes from that movie. A quote I don’t even remember saying, but it does sound like something I would say.

It is, “You look best when you’re CONFIDENT not when you’re trying to hide your flaws.” She digitized it and made it look so pretty, and she’s letting me share it as a free printable for my wonderful readers.

Free Printable: Confidence is Best

There’s a pink version and a mint version. Both are on a white background with gray lettering and come as an 8.5″x11″ printable that can be trimmed to fit an 8″x10″ frame.

I have already printed the mint one and hung it right over my sewing machine to remind me what’s important when I’m sewing something for myself or something for one of my kids.

Sewing has really made me see the silliness of numbers and sizes. It’s important to get my measurements right so that I can get a correctly fitting garment, but it doesn’t make me a nice or mean person.

Measurements won’t change my confidence level. If my confidence comes from a number or only my outward appearance, I am reduced to a number or my outward appearance.

I am more than what is on the outside and that is what makes me confident: my skills, goals, accomplishments, along with my flaws. Those are the things I want to be remembered by, not the way I looked.

I do want to portray who I am through my clothing because I feel comfortable and it’s easier to get dressed in the morning, but I am still more than what I wear.

Get the free printable below!

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Wow, what a great quote. And what a fun thing to hang up. Now to send this over and print it off for me! Thanks for sharing! (And thank you to your sister for sharing her talents.)