DIY Slippers with Fleece Fabric

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Learn how to make DIY slippers out of fleece fabric. Add pompoms or tassels to this one-seam sewing project. It’s a quick and easy gift.

My feet always get so cold in the winter. Even if it’s not a very cold day, I will still have cold feet. I have to wear socks and slippers to keep my feet warm.

I figured out how to make a really easy DIY slipper out of fleece that are warm and are only ONE-SEAM! You can add details like tassels or pompoms for a special detail.

These are the perfect handmade gifts, because it would be easy to make a lot at one time!

DIY slippers with Fleece

One of the best things about these slippers is that they are the perfect scrap fabric projects. Each slipper is just a square of fabric, and you can skip the detail if you want. It’s a great way to use up those random pieces of fleece!

diy slippers tassels

Do you love to sew? Check out these great ideas:

diy slippers faux fur

My kids just thought I was making them warm slippers, but these are so great for dusting the floor and picking up pieces of thread. It’s amazing what sticks to fleece after walking all around the house. Don’t tell them that they clean my floor every time they wear them!

diy slippers pompoms

Pompoms and tassels are so fun to make out of leftover yarn. I love turning my small amount of yarn that can’t be used for anything else into cute details.

I knew my son would want something a little more masculine, so I made some DIY faux fur pompoms for him. He loves it!

DIY slippers with Fleece

DIY Slippers with Fleece Fabric


  • Fleece – 1/3 to 1/2 yard – this is a large amount since scraps can be used
  • Pompoms, tassels, felt balls, etc
  • Optional: elastic
  • Sewing tools

Measure from your heel to your toe. Add 2 inches and remember this measurement.

measure foot

Measure from heel around the top of the foot and back to the heel. Add 1 inch and remember.

measure heel

Cut out a square that measures the foot length plus the two inches. The diagonal from corner to corner will be similar to the measurement around the heel.

When you cut out the square cut it out on the bias so that the stretchiest part of the fleece goes corner to corner.

cut fleece fabric square

Pull from corner to corner to find which diagonal has the most stretch. These corners will go up around the foot so fold the fleece right sides together and pin at the corners.

stretch fleece fabric

Pin the sides together on one side which will become the bottom of the slipper. Pin the other sides together, but only halfway between the corners. You will start sewing at this halfway point.

pin slippers

Start at the halfway point and sew a straight stitch down to the corner. Curve around the corner and then sew straight across the bottom. Curve 2 inches from the point up to the fold and finish with a backstitch.

sew one seam

Trim all the points where there are curves sewn to reduce bulk.

trim curves

Turn the slipper right side out. Fold the top point down over the top of the slipper. Add the pompom, tassel, or felt ball to the point on the top of the slipper. You can also stitch the fold to the top of the slipper to make it stay in place.

Optional: Add elastic under the fold around the ankle to keep the slipper in place. My older kids and I didn’t need elastic, but my youngest daughter did.

Make lots of quick and easy slippers for gifts!

slippers for gifts

If you make DIY slippers using this tutorial, I’d love to see! Please share it on social media with the hashtag #heatherhandmade and tag me!

diy slippers with fleece
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What a great idea. Yo can ma them for everyone