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Free Backpack Pattern

Make a simple backpack to hold all your things with a free backpack pattern! It’s perfect for all your essentials and some books!

Get ready for Fall with these back to school sewing projects!

I went through a sewing slump after all the holiday and wedding sewing projects. I had plans to make a bunch of clothes for me and made some, but I don’t have a lot motivation to get it all done. To fix my slump I decided to throw my to-do list out the window and just went with inspiration.
I’ve been wanting to make a backpack using this free backpack pattern, and I finally did. 

DIY Simple Backpack

I used some home decor weight fabric that my brother gave me. He upholstered some chairs and gave me the leftover yard. It’s a beautiful print and really pretty colors. I didn’t change anything except add a layer of fabric in the middle of the layers and quilted to the lining. Let’s just say it’s my way of adding interfacing without adding interfacing. I run out of it way too often. I also added a small pocket inside.

DIY Simple Backpack

It’s surprisingly a good sized bag and can fit a lot of stuff in it. I’m going to use it for all the kids’ quiet activities for church, waiting rooms, etc. It’s not very masculine, but I think my husband will like this bag better than the other bag we’re using.

DIY Simple Backpack

I need to get a better rope for the drawstring because I just used what I had. It’s just a thin black string that’ll have to do for now. Hopefully this will kick me out of my sewing slump.

DIY Simple Backpack

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Nice Post!

It is a cute backpack, and yes, kids need a lot of things to keep them busy for a while hey šŸ™‚

Wow I'm surprised it does hold more than it looks like it would! Sewing slumps are hard when you've just cleared a bunch of commitment kind of sewing! Totally unrelated to sewing- how do you feel about the shoe cabinet it's hanging on? We're considering that same one šŸ™‚

I like it. Perfect to keep a bunch of activities in the car/by the front door ready to go at a moments notice. I have a wide open pouch from Noodlehead in my car that has a change of clothes and diapers and wipes for the littlest. (Who is almost 4!) I love bags that are ready to grab and go. My big problem is keeping them stocked!