DIY Felt Stuffie Handmade Gift

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I’m sharing a really fun handmade gift today! I wanted to make something for kids that they could play with and that could help them learn a life skill. I decided to make some fun stuffies out of felt so they are easy and quick! The first one I made was my son as a miniature.
DIY Felt Stuffie Handmade Gift

All the arms and legs have buttonholes so you can switch them around onto the other stuffies. I also made a puppy and panda. Each one is so cute with little details. My son will now have something to practice buttoning and unbuttoning.

DIY Felt Stuffie Handmade Gift

I left off the eyes and mouths on the panda and puppy. I was about to do that on the miniature boy, but he kept asking where the eyes and mouth were. I complied to keep him happy.

DIY Felt Stuffie Handmade Gift

I didn’t make a tutorial, but the basic idea is to cut rectangles to make a big stuffed rectangle. Sew on details to the front rectangle. Keep the seam allowances exposed and since it’s felt, it won’t fray. The key to sewing a rectangle with exposed seams is to not sew all the way to the end. Start 1/4″ in and stop 1/4″ from the end. You could make so many funny characters!

DIY Felt Stuffie Handmade Gift
DIY Felt Stuffie Handmade Gift
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This is such a great gift for little kids! Lovely job.

They're adorable!

Love these! That is such a great idea that you made the arms and legs interchangeable by using buttons!

How cute! So easy to customized too!

those are so fun!! my boy would love those

SO cute!!! My little guy would love this too!!!

So cute, and such a versatile idea.
When little children draw people the eyes and mouth are usually pretty prominent, I guess that's why your lad wanted features on the mini him. (kids don't always get artistic licence do they?!)
Anyway, I agree, the little face is lovely.