DIY Dryer Balls with Wool Yarn

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Learn how to make DIY dryer balls for softening clothes and shortening the time in the dryer. No more buying dryer sheets!

We recently got our first dryer since we’ve been married. We’ve had a washer for awhile, but we didn’t have a dryer because the apartment we lived in didn’t have a dryer hook up and once we moved we were just focused on paying off school loans.

I had gotten in the great habit of doing a load everyday, letting it air dry, and putting away the dry load from the day before. (I’m actually struggling with putting away clean clothes now that I have a dryer!)

Anyway, now that I have a dryer I realized I needed something to soften the fabric. I know I can use fabric softener in the washer, but I don’t like to have one more thing to think about buying.

DIY Dryer Balls with Wool Yarn

I also don’t like dryer sheets because they just coat your fabric with wax to take away the static but it makes them less absorbent. My solution is felt dryer balls. I read about them on pinterest and wanted to try them out. 

DIY Dryer Balls with Wool Yarn
DIY Dryer Balls with Wool Yarn

DIY Dryer Balls

I purchased some 100% wool yarn; I used two skeins to make this many balls. I made six tennis ball sized balls and six tiny balls for decorating. All I did was wrap and wrap and wrap the yarn into balls. Then I used a yarn needle to pull the end in and out of the ball.

How to Make Felt Dryer Balls // DIY Felt Dryer Balls

I put the balls in some old tights and tied a knot between each ball. Then I washed them in hot water and put it through the dryer.

They turned out like this. I was worried because you could still see the yarn lines, but luckily they were felted perfectly!

How to Make Felt Dryer Balls // DIY Felt Dryer Balls

I use three balls each time I use the dryer, and it makes our fabric SO soft. It’s amazing. But I am used to air dried towels which are crunchy.

I haven’t decided what I’m going to do with the small ones. I thought they’d shrink a lot more so they are bigger than I thought they’d be. I’m thinking of combining them with some wooden beads and hang them up or make a wreath with them.

Also, if you like a nice smell on your clothes in the dryer put a couple of drops of your favorite essential oils on each ball. I like to use a protective blend* to help protect my family against getting sick.

How to Make Felt Dryer Balls // DIY Felt Dryer Balls

If you make something using this sewing project, I’d love to see! Please share it on social media with the hashtag #heatherhandmade and tag me!

DIY Dryer Balls with Wool Yarn

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So, may i ask what the theory is about the yarn balls? I mean is it the lanolin that is supposed to make the clothes soft? Just curious.

I need to try this. The only thing I like about dryer sheets is the smell. But this sounds amazing. Thanks for sharing.