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Corduroy Flint Pants

I made a pair of warm corduroy Flint pants out of thrifted fabric. It’s a new look to a favorite pattern, but I still love it!

I have a deep love for the Flint pants pattern by Megan Nielsen. I’ve made it three times already, but I made them all in summer fabrics. I’ve considered making them for winter, but I could never find the right fabric until I stumbled upon this gorgeous golden corduroy at the thrift store. It was the perfect pairing for the #sewfancypants challange happening on Instagram.

Corduroy Flint Pants // heatherhandmade.com

I have made lots of Flint pants already. It’s one of my favorite patterns as a mom. I know it’s not everyone’s style, and it doesn’t have to be. I just really love them for my body type and lifestyle.

I’ve made rayon gauze striped flint pants, blue Tencel flint pants, and pink Tencel flint pants. They were all lightweight summery versions. I still wear the pink Flints to anything I want to dress up a little for. The blue Flints worn out quickly and got a hole. The rayon gauze Flints have to be ironed every time I wear them so I don’t wear them as much as I’d like.

Corduroy Flint Pants // heatherhandmade.com

Flint Pants Fit Alterations

I fit pretty well in Megan Nielsen’s block so I don’t have to do too much altering. I’m 5’10” and Megan Nielsen drafts for 5’9″. My length is just above my waistline and in my legs, but waistline to crotch I’m shorter than average.

For the sizes I did a extra small in the hips and graded out to a small in the waist. I removed a little bit from the center back inseam essentially pushing the back inseam into the seam about 1/2″. I dropped the curve of the back crotch slightly. I also took a small wedge out of the center back seam at the waist.

Corduroy Flint Pants // heatherhandmade.com

I left the tucks and the back darts the same. (If you need extra help you can learn the basics of how to sew darts.) Then I slightly straightened the leg as it went down to the hem so I could follow the straight stripes of the fabric. I didn’t have enough fabric to lengthen the leg so I skipped the hem and added an interfaced hem facing with some Art Gallery Fabric instead to keep the length.

I used shell buttons at the waist which is that same kind of buttons I’ve used for every other pair of Flint pants. There’s just something about shell buttons that are made for the Flint pants! Learn how to sew a button on to pants.

Thrifted Golden Striped Corduroy Fabric

Earlier this week I was walking through Savers and stopped at the fabric section like I always do. I was disappointed at first because there was a really small selection that day. As I went through I found this gorgeous golden velvety striped corduroy, and I knew it was perfect.

It’s a home decor weight. It feels like a velvet corduroy, but it has different colored stripes. There was about two yards, but it’s not very wide. At first I thought it would be fun to make a pencil skirt for Christmas (hear about it in my saved thrifted fabric story), but it would not use up all the fabric. Then I had the idea for warm wide leg winter pants, and I just had to run with the idea.

The fabric was easy to work with, and works well for these pants. It’s important to keep the side seams straight when working with vertical striped fabric. I don’t think this heavyweight fabric would work well with the tie waist version of the Flint pants so that’s why I went with the buttons and buttonholes.

Corduroy Flint Pants // heatherhandmade.com

I’ve been studying wide leg pants winter outfits on Pinterest, but I’m still going to have to practice styling these. I love wearing tall boots underneath to keep my legs warm. These pants are surprisingly warm, and I love that the cropped hem keeps them from getting wet.

I’m planning on wearing more fitted tops and sweaters with these pants to balance the proportions. I actually found this green sweater at the thrift store the same day I found this fabric. It was just meant to be because they look so good together! If you find a sweater that’s too long, here’s how to shorten a sweater.

Corduroy Flint Pants // heatherhandmade.com

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That fabric is giving off some serious 70s vibes in the best way. Nice pants!