The Best Sewing Tutorials of 2017

One of my favorite things to do at the end of the year is to look past at all my sewing projects from the past year. I love the reflection and learning I get from retrospectively studying my handmades. I put together lists of my most worn handmade items, the items I could’ve done better on, my sewing goals, and the best sewing tutorials that were your favorite of 2017. What was your favorite sewn item of 2017?

Besides all the clothing I made this year, I changed my blog name from Feathers Flights to Heather Handmade. I felt like it was a better fit for what I was doing: sewing a bunch of handmade clothing and making beautiful handmade things for my home and life.

Best Sewing Tutorials and Projects of 2017

Best Sewing Posts of 2017 - Sewing Tutorials And Projects -
  1. No-Slip Hand Towel Tutorial
  2. How to Sew a Split with Mitered Corners
  3. Why You Need Pennies in your Sewing Room
  4. Free Draped Cardigan Pattern and Tutorial
  5. 26 Ways to Save Money while Sewing
  6. Three Different Ways to Hem Knits
  7. 8 Things I Wish I Could Tell Myself Before I Started Sewing
  8. Striped Flint Pants
  9. My 8 Favorite Fabrics to Sew Clothing With

Want to see what posts you loved in other years?

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