How to Add a Lace Overlay and A Lace Halifax Hoodie

How to Add a Lace Overlay - Halifax Hoodie // Heather HandmadeThe holidays always brings crazy schedules, gift sewing, and holiday decor sewing. It always feels busy and rushed. This year I decided to not make any handmade gifts because it takes away from my enjoyment of the holidays.

I did make stockings and holiday tees, and I’m planning to make a fabric Christmas tree box/basket for one of our trees. I know I sew a lot of things for myself which is how I take care of myself, but sometimes life gets crazy and I can’t sew as much. When some sewing friends on instagram decided to do the #halifaxholidayparty to take a break from holiday sewing I had to jump in. Especially because the Halifax Hoodie* is such a quick and rewarding sew. And since I switched it up a little bit, I decided to show you how to add a lace overlay to any pattern piece!

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It was so cold when I was taking these pictures. It was well below freezing and even though I’m wearing my warmest boots and some long sleeve tees under the sweatshirt, I was shivering and couldn’t keep my hands out for very long. Since I take my own pictures with a remote and tripod, they never take me that long but I was shivering by the time I was done with these.

  • The trick to adding a lace overlay to a pattern piece is to cut the pattern piece out of your fashion fabric and then cut the same piece out of lace.
  • Then you treat them like one piece and sew them together in all the seams with the other pattern pieces.
  • Remember: if you are using knit fabric then you need to use a stretchy lace with a similar amount of stretch. If you are using a woven fabric then you need to use a non-stretchy lace with no stretch. That’s the easiest way to insure that your garment will turn out well.
  • Use these 16 tips for sewing knit fabric.

How to Add a Lace Overlay - Halifax Hoodie // Heather Handmade

I used three different fabrics for this sweatshirt. I used leftover merino wool sweatshirt fabric from The Fabric Store. I originally bought two yards, but I didn’t realize how wide it was. I bought it to make a cardigan and bought the recommended amount of fabric. Since it was so wide I had just under a yard of fabric left. I knew if I was careful I could get a sweatshirt out of the remnant. I had to cut the front perpendicular to the grain with a seam down the front, but I knew it would be covered by the lace. The back and the sleeves were cut correctly since you would see it. Then since I didn’t have any fabric left I had to use something else for the cuffs and bands. I had this light oatmeal heathered mystery fabric I got from a friend. It’s probably a double knit or interlock with spandex so it has great return. Then I used the pretty knit lace for the front. The lace is from an online friend from more than a year ago. She sent it to me, and I just paid shipping. It’s pretty amazing how these three fabrics coordinate so well.

How to Add a Lace Overlay - Halifax Hoodie // Heather Handmade

Let’s talk about the fit and the pattern. I’ve made the Halifax* three times before, but I’ve only made the other versions. I really love them and wear them all the time. When I read the sizing I pretty much fit in a size small but I was worried about having enough room around my hips. The finished garment measurements for a size small are my waist measurements. When I cut out the pattern I graded out from a size small at the bust to a size medium at the hem. I cut out a medium size waistband also. Then I added 1″ to the sleeves and 1″ to the hem. I sewed it up, it sews up really fast because there’s no hems, and then tried it on. Once I had it on I realized that the hip area was too large. It stuck out and didn’t hug my body or even drape around my body. This could be from the fabric I used since the sweatshirt fleece has a stiffer hand and only a little bit of stretch. I took off the waistband and shortened it to a size small, and I took the seams in to make it all a size small. Then I sewed the waistband back on. I love that I took the time to get the right fit, and I’m very happy with the result. The seam ripping was definitely worth it!

How to Add a Lace Overlay - Halifax Hoodie // Heather Handmade

I really love the front seam lines. I think they are so flattering and interesting. I love the hi-lo hem. I really want to make another one to add to my wardrobe! I think I love the most that it is basically all gray because I love gray, and I love solids. I love that this sweatshirt reads like a solid, but it has texture and color change to make it interesting.

Here are the other four hoodies in the Halifax party:

How to Add a Lace Overlay - Halifax Hoodie // Heather Handmade

If you love sweatshirts, you can make one of these sweatshirt hacks and refashions!

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